Tips for Gardening in Terracotta Pots

The most conventional way of growing flowers is in classic terracotta pots. Terracotta is natural and earthy, making it a natural choice for anchoring any plant. Fiberglass and plastic pots are becoming more and more popular these days, but terracotta pots are still the tallest garden pots. You can buy different pots at

Before the advent of plastics and other materials for making pots, terracotta was the only option. Today, terracotta is also a natural choice for gardeners because it is cheap and easy to make decorative and functional items. Despite its weight, many gardeners prefer terracotta for its natural look and design. Terracotta plants are inexpensive and frost-resistant.

Tips for Gardening in Terracotta Pots:

Choice of pots

There are many garden pots, so choosing the right pot for your garden is no easy task. Garden pots come at all shapes, sizes, and prices. The quality of the dish depends on the clay used and the firing temperature of the furnace. For example, low-burning clay will not last very long and will rot in a few years. Shaped pots are often not frost-resistant. If you want to grow a heavy plant, look for a pot with thicker walls.

Plant and grow

Before planting, it should be soaked overnight. Soaking overnight will saturate the clay so it doesn't draw moisture from the soil. Leave some breathing room when pouring the soil, place filter paper or newspaper at the bottom of the pot before pouring the soil.