Small Safes For Small Home Owners

Home safes range in all sizes and shapes, but the majority of them will provide enough space to store your passports, birth certificates, bank information, jewelry, cash, a hand gun or two, and other essentials. If space is sparse, then you should try a wall safe, micro vault, or portable mini safe.

Wall safes typically have well-situated shelving, interior lighting options, and thick-plated steel doors. But the best part about these little safes is that they can be installed on most any wall or in any wall recess without taking up floor space. To find the variety of mini safes navigate to

Micro vaults come in a variety of small sizes depending on your needs and can be easily stored beneath your bed, in a dresser drawer, or in your car. Typically they are larger than wall safes, but again this can vary. These days, micro vaults offer biometric fingerprint recognition which uses a new gun safe technology to identify your fingerprints as you type in your pre-programmed code.

Portable mini safes are great because they are both portable and mini. You want something like this if you travel a lot and would rather keep your valuables on hand with you. Most portable safes come with security cables so that you can secure your valuables easily.