Mediation For Divorce Cases

Mediation is a method for couples to end their divorce without having to go through a lengthy court process. Mediation uses conflict resolution instead of pitting the spouses against one another in a fight for children and marital assets.

Divorce can be expensive and time-consuming. Divorcing couples will need to air their problems, deal with the emotional pain, and pay for court costs, attorney fees, and divide their assets. A professional mediator can reduce, if not eliminate, the drama and expense of divorce proceedings.

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The divorce mediator is a neutral third party who sits with both spouses during divorce mediation. A mediator for divorce is someone who has been trained to handle the specific issues faced by those going through a divorce. 

A mediator gives each side a chance to talk and discuss important issues. This helps couples to understand their needs and decide if divorce is best for them. The mediator is not authorized to give any advice and all information is kept confidential.

A mediator can explain the law system to the couple. If the mediator is an attorney, he or she can also draft and file court papers. Your mediator cannot make a binding legal decision, unlike arbitration. 

Instead, the mediator does not make any legally binding decisions. The couples are in complete control of their mediation and can resign at any point. However, some states use court-ordered mediation for couples with children to help them negotiate child custody or visitation issues.