Just What Are Brick Pizza Ovens?

Brick oven pizza is the hottest trend in the pizza industry and has struck a chord with homeowners as well as commercial restaurants. Cooking in brick ovens dates back at least 3,000 years and it was the method to bake bread. The popularity of home-delivered pizzas has turned this traditional Italian dish into a favorite of the masses in only a few decades.

A wood-burning pizza/bread oven is an oven made out of clay adobe, refractory fire bricks, or refractory concrete (heat resistant mix made from ingredients that can withstand prolonged high heat conditions). You can also buy the  best brick pizza oven via online.

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Traditionally, ovens were made using material that wasn't costly and was easy to obtain in nature. Nowadays, we have everything we need to build a wood oven readily available in most refractory and building store yards.

What makes a brick pizza oven so special?

High Heat- You can fire up any good modern brick pizza oven to 100 degrees, this is great because it does not dry out your brick oven pizza.

Brick Floor- This gives your brick oven pizza the texture, it can create an almost cracker-like yet chewy crust that is simply delicious.

Several modern versions allow pizzeria owners the industrial strength of baking one perfect pizza nonstop every minute! These modern high-quality ovens, transformed by technology and years of expertise, have literally revolutionized the way the world bakes pizza.