How To Lose Weight Without Crash Diet?

If we look at the older meaning of the word ‘diet’, it means ‘way of life. But in today's world, ‘dieting’ means over-restricting, and even starving ourselves for days and weeks to lose a few kilos. 

It is unsustainable, unhealthy, and cannot be our lifestyle. It’s the reason why up to 80-90% of the people who lose weight, in ocean springs end up regaining it in the coming weeks and months. You don’t need to starve yourselves or remove your favorite foods from your nutrition plan to lose weight. 

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To lose fat, one needs to eat fewer calories than what they are burning overtime to create a calorie/energy deficit. This leads to the body tapping into body fat to use it as energy. Every diet works by putting you in a calorie deficit. But that doesn't mean you need to remove your favorite food sources or starve yourself. 

A lot of times we miss a very important point — What happens after the ‘diet’ ends? Would we be able to make it a lifestyle and get back to the old routine? The answer is – no.

From wheat, bread, and rice to chapati and dairy, all of these can be a part of your nutrition plan (while losing fat) as long as you are not particularly sensitive to any of these food sources. You can include anything in your diet, as long as you do not overeat calories to lose fat.