Everything You Need To Know About Porridge

"What specifically is porridge?' might ask? It's popular breakfast food. breakfast time, it's a dish that's nutritious, hearty, and can be easily customized. As we're a Scottish company, we're big fanatics and think that it's one of the most enjoyable ways to start the day that one can enjoy. 

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The process involves the heating of oats in water, milk, or a different kind of fluid to give it a wonderfully smooth texture. The reason it has remained popular is due to the fact it's so easy and nutritious people from all over the globe have been serving bowls of it for many thousands of years.

The Nairn's gluten Free Scottish porridge oatmeal

Our Scottish Porridge Oats that are Gluten-Free is just what you would expect. Absolutely nothing else, no added – it's as easy as that. They don't contain added sugar or salt No artificial colors or flavors, as well as preservatives or no GM ingredients. 

They're suitable for diets for coeliacs (unless you are allergic to Avenin which is a protein found in oatmeal) and are also vegan-friendly.

How do you make porridge oats?

Porridge is not hard to prepare – however it is dependent on what you prefer about it. The most important thing you have to do is gather an adequate amount of Oats (40 to 50g is sufficient) and add around 350ml of water or milk. 

If you like more creaminess we suggest using an oven and cooking low and slow. Be sure to stir frequently! Microwaves are also fine. We suggest stirring every few minutes throughout the cooking process to ensure that your porridge doesn't become a lumpy mess.