All About Tree Stump Removal Methods

There are a lot of trees that are being cut down these days. This isn't a healthy thing to do however sometimes it's necessary to take away the tree. Trees are typically cut down when land is cleared for some type of construction, in paper-making, firewood or furniture production, etc. at times, it's just sitting in a useless spot in a backyard or garden. 

The tree can be cut down to the top and nearly every part of the tree but they leave the stump because it's very difficult to get it off completely. Professionals take care of it with ease, but for those who don't have the ability or equipment required for this task, keep it since it's creating an unattractive sight. You can also hire Tree Removal services to help you if you’re facing issues regarding trees.

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To eliminate stumps from trees, there are four primary methods. The first and most popular method is to use chemicals to eliminate the stump. To do this, a chemical made up of potassium nitrate was utilized to break down the stump, and then separate it from the soil.

The procedure involves drilling holes along the length of the stump and filling them up with an aqueous solution made by mixing the water with chemicals. The concentrate remains on the stump for a few weeks until it completely disintegrates the stump and makes it soft and squishy. Then an axe can be just used to lift it from the surface.