About Whisky Cask Guide

A whisky cask is a medium-sized barrel containing alcohol.Most Scotch whiskey is aged in bourbon barrels also known as "traditional" whiskey casks. They are ideal for aged Scotch whiskeys due to their ready availability and affordable prices. 

Depending on the type of keg, it can hold between 170 and 750 bottles of standard whiskey when first filled.In addition to all the flavors the distillery itself provides, there is one factor that greatly influences the taste of a whiskey and that is the cask in which it is aged. You can find the best whisky cask via https://www.vintageacquisitions.com/whisky-cask-investment-guide/. In addition to the flavor that is emitted by the distillery There is one element that can have a significant impact on the flavor of whisky, and that is the cask which it matures. The process of making will give the whisky around 20% to 30% of its style and flavor while the rest comes from the oak.

According to new oak barrels there is a large amount of barrels made from oak in Kentucky which ensures close connections with both the Scotch as well as the Bourbon industry. Barrels are medium-sized barrels that contain approximately 200 liters of spirit.

Bourbon barrels are exclusively made of American Oak, which gives whisky vanilla-honeyed flavor and honeyed character. The vanilla flavor is created by natural sugars in the wood along with the chemical compound called 'vanillin which is also found within vanilla pods.

Sherry casks are constructed from European oak with a more tightly packed texture than American oak and have a little drier and slightly spicier flavor. Flavors that are prevalent in sherry which have been taken in by the wood are transferred to whisky that is maturing.