The Classic Holden Commodore

The Holden Commodore is a large car family that was depleted by Holden from 1978 to 2020. The design has undergone a number of transformations and improvements while maintaining its classic shape.

Holden has developed a wide range of body styles and options for the fast-growing Commodore market; Whatever type of car you are looking for, there is a Holden Commodore to suit your driving style.

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Who is your Holden Commodore?

Sedan – A true blue Australian classic, the four-door sedan is a spacious all-purpose vehicle that fits the lifestyle of busy urban professionals as well as small families. 

Modern Commodores are designed for comfort and offer some of the latest features in terms of safety and fuel efficiency. 

LUXURY – If you are looking for comfort and style, check out the luxurious Commodore collection. You'll appreciate the fine detailing of the classic Commodore Calais, which includes stunning 17-inch alloy wheels and the ultimate in luxury styling. 

Sport – Commodore's line of performance-friendly sports cars. You'll enjoy the 210k/w on the back of the Commodore SV6 and the sleek sporty styling of the SS. Under the hood of the Commodore SS is a powerful V8 engine that rivals professional vehicles.

LPG – If you are looking for lower emissions and environmental considerations with the same high quality you would expect from a Holden Commodore, consider the LPG range. 

This gas model is cleaner and better for the environment because it emits less greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, Holden's cutting-edge engineering and design keep your LPG Commodore a dream come true.