Laminates And Its Types

Laminates are made by mixing resin with a thin layer of paper and are the preferred finish for a variety of surfaces such as wood and MDF. In a broader sense, it is a thin sheet that is placed on furniture, countertops, wall panels and even floors.

There are several companies like Om Laminates that are famous for their quality laminate sheets for furniture.  It is available in a variety of colors and prints, making it an attractive choice for home decor.

laminate sheet for furniture

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Laminate type

When choosing a laminate, take into account the size of the room, the presence of natural light and the overall appearance.

Decorative Laminate: Easy to find compared to other varieties on the market. As their name suggests, they come in a variety of hues and colors – so use them on furniture, floors and kitchens. The added benefit is that they also protect the surface underneath

HPL and LPL: High and low pressure laminates are named according to their respective production processes. If you use MDF for furniture or in the kitchen, choose LPL. However, if you choose plywood and furniture, choose HPL.

Industrial Laminates: Preferably for panels in homes or for storage and furniture in industry and hospitals. This is mainly due to its high strength, abrasion resistance and flame retardant properties.

Compact Laminates: The three types of laminates above are foil and require a base for support. However, compact laminates are standalone and do not need to be glued to wood or other surfaces. They are usually 3mm to 30mm thick. They are used as laboratory benchtops or even partitions in public bathrooms.