What Is High Intensity Training and What Makes It So Great?

Throughout the year, many people promise to get in shape. Weight loss and muscle building are two of the most common fitness goals, but some people aren't sure how to achieve these goals.

High-intensity exercise is one of the best ways to reach your goals because of its effectiveness, cardiovascular benefits, physical and mental challenges. You can join Sets Hybrid Training to know more about High-intensity training.

What is high-intensity training (HIT)?

HIT refers to exercises that push your body to its limits. There are two broad classes of high-intensity exercise: cardiovascular training and weight training.

High-intensity cardiovascular training

High-intensity cardio is great for burning calories fast. With intense cardio, you're sure to get an intense workout. Some of the most common types of high-intensity cardio are:

Sprint: A very hard run for a certain period of time. This can be done on a road, treadmill or sidewalk.

Cycling: You can ride a stationary bike or a real bike, depending on your taste.

High-intensity strength training

This intense strength training is similar to cardiovascular exercise except that it involves lifting heavy objects. With intense strength training, you do the same exercises, but with more weight.

One of the most important points to remember when doing high-intensity strength training is rest. You need to make sure that you take enough time between workouts to allow your muscles to recover: otherwise, you run the risk of straining your body.