What Is the Role of Charlotte’s Primary Care Doctors

Have you ever heard of primary care doctors? The days of family doctors are gone. Family doctors were a trusted resource for all medical issues. To fix a broken bone or to give medication, your family doctor was the one you should call.

Family doctors were responsible for all family health concerns and were considered a part of the family. Family doctors were gradually eliminated with the introduction of a new health system. The introduction of the best direct primary care doctors in Charlotte, NC promises to restore the traditions established by family physicians in the past.

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These doctors do not practice in any one area of medicine. Their primary goal is to maintain the health of their patients. They are more focused on preventative than curative care. Many insurance companies require that you have a primary physician. It is a good idea to get a primary care physician as soon as possible.

It is crucial that you are familiar with the qualifications of primary care physicians before you make a decision about which doctor you want to register with. Family or general practitioners are qualified to care for the entire family. They may have certification in multiple areas of medicine.

While doctors who specialize in pediatrics and internal medicine are considered specialists, they can also be called primary care physicians. Because they treat many different ailments, pediatricians can treat all ages (pediatricians care for children from birth through adolescence).

Your primary care physician should be able to refer you to a specialist if you have a special treatment need, such as a car accident injury or an injury at work. Many of these doctors have connections with specialists and doctors at medical clinics.