Tenant Improvement Options And Types

Tenant improvements, also known as tenant buildings, can drastically improve the appearance of a room or other interior space. By hiring a professional contractor, you can redesign your living space and customize it to be more pleasant, functional, and compliant with modern building codes.

Usually, the owner must hire an experienced contractor to customize the interior of the property to suit the needs and requirements of the tenants. Therefore, get in touch with tenant improvement contractors in Vancouver.

commercial tenant improvements

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Type of tenant improvements

1. Build a tenant

With this type of arrangement, the lessee is in full control of the project and is responsible for project reviews, procedures, and even delays. They are responsible for finding contractors to work with, paying them, and making sure everything is in order.

2. Turnkey

In this agreement, both parties, the tenant and the owner, agree on a layout plan and work together to achieve maximum efficiency. While the owner agrees to pay for the project, the lessee bears any additional costs incurred due to possible delays or changes to plans.

3. Landlord construction at extra cost

In this contract, both the tenant and the landlord sign a lease agreement in which they promise to make a certain amount of repairs. The owner is the one who selects the contractor and the planning team. In this case, the lessee is only responsible for additional costs not specified in the contract.