How To Use an Air Conditioner for Casement Windows

Up until now, it was necessary to hire an air conditioning installation company to install an air conditioner in your basement casement windows. However, thanks to the increased adoption of electric heat pumps, it is now possible for homeowners to install their own AC units in a fraction of the time and cost!

What is a basement casement window?

A basement casement window is a window that opens outward onto the basement. They are usually accessed by descending a set of stairs. This type of window is typically used in older homes, as they provide an affordable way to add additional ventilation and sunlight. 

There are a number of advantages to using an air conditioner for casements in the basement .     

Fans can be used in either direction, which can help circulate cool air more evenly. A unit with a high efficiency rating will use less energy, saving you money on your electric bill. And if you live in a hot climate, an air conditioner can help keep you cool during the summer months.

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How do you install an air conditioner in a casement window?

If your casement window has a metal frame, there are two basic methods for installing an air conditioner: using a HVAC unit that mounts to the window, or mounting the air conditioner directly to the frame. If your casement window has a wooden frame, then you will need to build an installation platform.