Studio Lighting Photography Techniques

If you're really interested in taking amazing photos, you should learn more about studio lighting for clearer photos. Light is the key to all great photography, but to use light creatively, you need to understand it.

Light has three basic qualities; Light intensity, light location and light color. If you want to shoot in a brilliant location in Sydney, you can check out this website –

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The first basic quality of light has to do with the intensity of the light, or the intensity – the strength of that light. For example, the sun can get hot when it is high in the sky, so its light can cause glare.

However, in the morning or evening, the strength or intensity of the sun decreases. An overcast day brings a gentle and harmless glow.

The second quality is the placement or direction of the light. The light direction is divided into front, back and side lighting. This refers to the direction the light is coming from. Improper light placement can cause dark shadows.

And the third property is the color of light. The early morning or early morning sun gets warmer and offers more dramatic views. The same goes for the sun at night. Light colors can make a photo look hot or cold.

Weather will also be a factor that affects all three properties of light. Morning light creates a red tint in your image. As the day progressed this red turned yellow and the long shadows of the morning began to fade. Then, as the sun goes down, your photos will regain the dramatic morning colors.