Learn About Organic And Hybrid Glass Paints

After WWII, there was a wide range of organic colors available. New paints for glass were also developed based on these colors.

These organic glass paints based on resins had an almost unlimited range of colors. They could also be cured at low temperatures. They were the most environmentally friendly of all the glass coatings and they promised a bright future.

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There are many organic resins on the market. Glass can now be powder coated. Paints can also be hardened under UV-light and radiant heat. A whole glass can also be spray painted. Almost any logo can be applied to glass using either the decal or screen printing techniques.

These organic paints have a problem with acceptance. The final coating of glass is thick and almost feels like a plastic jacket. Despite improvements in the chemical and mechanical resistance of organic glass coatings, the plastic appearance is still a problem that hinders their widespread acceptance.

Hybrid Glass Paints

Hybrid glass paints are a new type of coating for glass. Hybrid refers to a mixture of a wide range of organic colors embedded within a mostly inorganic matrix.

These coatings can be used with the same decorations as organic resins. It forms a thin layer of glass-like material. This film is at most ten times thinner than organic, plastic coatings!

Another important property of the coating is its chemical bond to glass after firing at the same low temperatures as organic coatings. The coating's chemical bond gives it excellent properties such as dishwash safeness, chemical resistance against solvents like alcohol and good scratch resistance. The coating is safe for food and does not contain toxic ingredients.