Invisalign Teen in Plano – Clearly an Alternative for Teens

The Invisalign Teen treatment program straightens your teeth using a set of custom clear plastic aligners that include a special wear dot. They are practically invisible while still being comfortable to wear. These aligners were developed with the help of experienced orthodontists.

Metal braces are a thing of the past. With the Invisalign technology, your dental treatment plan is not advertised to others since the plastic aligners are nearly invisible.

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The old-fashioned way of frequent adjustments to wire and brackets is no longer required. The aligners are created from an all-digital process that starts by taking pictures of your teeth vs taking clay putty molds.

This allows for more precise implementation of the orthodontist’s treatment plan by eliminating the inaccuracies of rescanning the clay model.

You no longer have to straighten your teeth the old-fashioned way, with metal braces. The Invisalign Teen system lets you do it the modern, hygienic way. Your new smile is created with the most innovative technology – a series of clear aligners that are custom-fit to your teeth.

Teens should consider the following things when thinking about straightening their teeth.

  • The average treatment takes about a year.
  • The orthodontist has many options to accommodate your specific situation. You don’t even need all of your teeth to begin treatment.
  • The retainers snap on your teeth for easy insertion and removal.
  • The retainers themselves are comfortable and nearly invisible.
  • The treatment plan can allow for your still growing permanent teeth.
  • Like with conventional metal brackets the aligners gently and continuously move your teeth in small increments so as to let the ligaments expand and contract naturally.