Information About Cannabis Genetics

Have you ever wondered about the genetics of marijuana? Humans have a total of 46 chromosomes; We have 22 pairs and two sensual chromosomes. Females have two X chromosomes and males have X and Y chromosomes. Yes this is nothing new for most people. The cannabis plant has a diploid genome, but only 20 chromosomes. 

premium Michigan marijuana genetics: Human sensual chromosomes differ significantly in size; The X chromosome is 155.3 MB in size and has about 833 genes, while the human Y chromosome is 59.4 MB in size and contains about 72 known genes. 

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The size of the human haploid genome is approximately 3300 Mb. In comparison, the total haploid genome size of cannabis is 818 MB for women and 843 MB for men. The difference in size is due to the larger Y chromosome in male plants.

The pattern of gene expression in plants is similar to that of humans. In humans, different tissues have distinct roles, so genetic expression is regulated in unique and complex ways. In plants, most cells have a similar form and function; The metabolic pathways and expressions are much less diverse, but still capable of producing different phenotypes. 

For example, the flower cells of the cannabis plant show a pattern of expression of cannabinoids and terpenoids at all stages of flower development compared to other plant components. The highest density of trichomes producing cannabinoids was found in the flowers of female plants.