How Do We Register a Car That We Bought From a Dealership?

An auto dealer will take care of the car purchase.

Your dealer must transfer your title and registration within the 30-day time frame as required by law. If you are looking to register your vehicle, then you can also search online for a vehicle registration Company.

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To make this process smooth, be cooperative and work with others. You will need to provide proof of the transaction to your dealer. However, you should keep a copy for your records.

After you and your partner have signed the Bill of Sale, follow these steps:

  • The seller must sign the title. If your vehicle is not titled in Florida, you may need to have it inspected for VIN violations.
  • For vehicles, less than 10 years old, get an odometer disclosure
  • Send your completed title to the office of the county tax collector and the agent will receive it.
  • Provide proof of valid auto insurance.
  • All fees must be paid (Title fee and Vehicle registration fee, 6% Sales and Use Tax, Local County fees, License plate fee if applicable (there is no cost to transfer plates).
  • Register stickers and plates

How do we register a vehicle we bought from a private seller?

The registration and title process is similar to buying a vehicle from an automobile dealer. However, there are some additional points.

  • The seller must complete the title and transfer section.
  • Complete the Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration (HSMV-82040 Form).
  • Provide proof of valid auto insurance.
  • Complete the Florida Insurance Affidavit.
  • In the event that you lease a vehicle, you will need to obtain a power of attorney.
  • The vehicle's weight is a factor in the registration and licensing fees.