Diversity And Inclusion: A Complete Guide For HR Professionals In Atlanta

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has outpaced corporate trends and is now considered a business imperative for global companies. 

The concept of diversity and inclusion human resource services is gaining popularity in the corporate world as its benefits become clearer as many employees make it an important factor in choosing their employer.

What are diversity and inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion in the company's mission, strategy, and practice to support a diverse workplace and harness the impact of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage. 

Companies that create a diverse and inclusive work environment are more adaptable, more creative and a magnet that attracts the best talent.

What is diversity in the workplace?

Diversity in the workplace is the understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of differences between people, including the following: different races, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, and disability with differences in education, personality, skills, experience, and knowledge base Interestingly, this Deloitte report shows that generations view diversity differently. 

Millennials view diversity in the workplace as a combination of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives and believe that leveraging these differences leads to innovation.

What is inclusion?

Workplace inclusion is an environment of collaboration, support, and respect that enhances the participation and contribution of all employees. In fact, real inclusion removes all discrimination, barriers, and intolerance. 

When used properly in the workplace, it is natural for everyone to feel included and supported.