Different Types of Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

According to historical records, domestic rabbits are descendants of wild rabbits. They also are popular sources of games and food. Despite their adorable appearance, however, rabbits carry a lot of responsibility. You can also search online for the cheap outdoor rabbit coop.

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In addition to providing rabbits with healthy nutrition, vitamins, and affection, it's your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that you protect them from injury by extreme temperatures and predators. It is better to confine your rabbits in the hutch or cage instead of letting them roam in your home due to the various dangers you will encounter within your home. They enjoy chewing on various things in the house, like electrical cords, papers books, toys furniture pieces, and other things.

If you're looking to purchase a hutch for your rabbit it is important to choose one of the various styles and designs of hutches that are available in pet stores, pet shops, and online retailers. 

There are many kinds of outdoor rabbit shelters:

  • The basic single hutch is a one-story structure comprised of wood. It is 24×30 inches in length and features an opening door or roof.

  • The Elevated Single Hutch is similar to a single hutch but is elevated by 4 feet off the ground. This type of hutch can be easy to clean and can help ensure your pets are safe from predators.

  • Double-deck hutch: It's a two-story hutch which is a great space-saving option for pet owners since it can accommodate two rabbits.

  • Triple-deck hutch: It's a hutch with three levels that houses three rabbits.

  • Deluxe hutch with run It's a two-story built hutch that has sleeping quarters and traps doors and an adjacent ramp that allows them to be able to move around and play.