Custom Shirt For The Stylish Woman

Every woman should have at least one white shirt to wear to work and leisure. Like jeans, the ideal pair, the white crisp shirt needs to be flexible, comfortable, and long-lasting. Whatever the event, this shirt needs to be one you can count on. You can buy a black linen shirt via

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So, find an outfit that can take you from work to bars. To stand out from the crowd who are wearing the same fashion as you do, consider finding a shirt with embellishments such as small sequins, or stitching details. It's impossible to go wrong with a white t-shirt. Combine with an A-line skirt to work, or dress them casually with jeans. To add a touch of style pair them with jeans and sandals.

For a pop of color in your wardrobe, think of black and red. Put that on a flannel shirt and you'll have comfort built into the ingredients. Flannel is, as you all know a comfortable fabric.

Even designers of sleepwear and nightwear often incorporate flannel in their collections. While red and black Flannel shirts tend to be worn casually, you can also wear them with the appropriate clothes. Put them on with black slacks in black and kitten heels that are black or wear a flannel shirt for work. For casual looks, consider wearing a flannel shirt in combination with a black sweater pleated skirt, and knee-high socks.