Components Of A Crane And Their Function

Cranes are a crucial piece of equipment used on construction sites across the globe. They help make different steps of the building process feasible including reaching the tops of city skyscrapers to building trusses for the roofs of barns that are located in rural areas. 

Different parts of a crane come together to create the large piece of equipment you recognize from miles away. You can also hire the best crane service in Texas Online.

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Crane Parts and Functions:

Cranes are a wonder of engineering, and every part is essential for its functioning. Here are a few of the most important crane components you should know about.

1. The Hook

This may be one of the most recognizable and important parts of a construction crane. The hook is the main connecting point between the crane and the load it needs to carry. 

When you need to move large or heavy items around your job site, you can trust the hook to hold them so the rest of the crane can do its work.

2. Wire Rope and Sheaves

Cranes use heavy-duty wire ropes to lift extreme loads. These ropes are actually cables made of steel wires twisted into the shape of a helix.

Then several of these helices are twisted together to create an even stronger rope. These wire ropes give the crane the strength to lift objects with the hook.