Basics Dental Care for Your Children

Many people are quite misguided in their beliefs that good dental care is important for a child's first teeth, commonly called the baby teeth. The good dental health of a child begins with the oral health of his mother and nutrition. If a pregnant mother has gum infection or abscess teeth or a strong disintegration, the bacteria can actually be transmitted through its blood circulation to its birth infant. You can also take the quality care for you and your health.

Just because you can not see that the first tooth does not mean that this is not there. The teeth begin to form in the second trimester of pregnancy. At birth, your child has 20 primary teeth, some of which are completely developed in the jaw. Before cutting the teeth, get used to managing a washcloth on your baby's gums once or twice a day to eliminate bacteria. This helps to establish a healthy environment in the mouth for this first tooth. Remember that once it appears, it is likely to degrade these same bacteria.

The first tooth eruption usually occurs as other changes are taking place in your baby's immune system. At that time, an infant loses a large part of its maternal antibodies and it becomes much more susceptible to infections. There is increased growth and many changes take place in the baby's body.