All You Need to Know About Marijuana and Teens

As more states legalize medical marijuana use and decriminalize recreational marijuana use, it's become more common to view marijuana only as a harmless substance.

One unintended consequence of changing the law is that regular marijuana users use the change in marijuana law as evidence that they will not experience the harmful effects of regular marijuana use. They believe that "if adults think marijuana is safe, it should be safe for us too." To know more about marijuana, you can check out this source: Canada’s Online Dispensary.

Apparently, parents of teens are not sufficiently informed about the problems associated with regular adolescent marijuana use. And parents of teens often don't realize that teens who use marijuana today are much stronger than teens who used marijuana 20 years ago.

One of the most serious and rarely discussed problems associated with regular marijuana users is motivational syndrome. The subtle feelings that adults enjoy from marijuana use cause teens to lose interest in educational and productive activities that they once found enjoyable and stimulating. 

Chronic teens' grades in school usually drop over time as the THC stored in their brains negatively impacts their short-term memory and ability to concentrate in class.

Chronic teen users celebrate when they make it through high school, meet the minimum requirements for graduation, and only come to high school to realize how unprepared they are to thrive in the adult world.

Too late, as their classmates who made better choices move on with their lives, chronic users realize that the path they took during the critical years of high school has led them to a dead end.