All About Bradford Points Calculator

The Bradford factor is a method to calculate an absence score for employees' unplanned absences. 

The Bradford score was developed as part of the research done by Bradford University School of Management during the 1980s. Many organizations use the Bradford point calculator to calculate their employee’s scores. You can also check this site out to know more about the Bradford point calculator.

Should the Bradford Factor be used?

One of the advantages of The Bradford Factor's mathematical systems is its ability to calculate scores.

As a person's score increases, they might reach certain trigger points. For example:

  • 0 Points = No concern for your employees

  • 51 points = Informal warning with suggestions for improvement.

  • 201 points = written warning.

  • 401 Points = Final Written Warning.

  • 601 = enough cause for dismissal after continued absenteeism, due warnings, and sufficient cause.

Employer subjectivity disappears by the score. It is impossible to ignore evidence that someone you care about has a high score.

Why Bradford Factor is used?

In short, You may take legal action against repeated non-authorized absence.

But, you need to set fair trigger points. It's unfair to give someone a final written warning after they've taken a day off.

Employees can also use their time to care for dependents.

The code acts more as guidelines than rules. Keep in mind the line from Pirates of the Caribbean. If a score exceeds a threshold, it will prompt you to contact an employee.

Is it useful?


  1. Yes. In a certain manner. This is used to notify staff that you are watching their absence.

  2.  Bradford is an effective point calculator as many companies use it.

You now know the advantages of the Bradford Factor. It is up to you whether you would like it to be shared with your staff.