Afternoon Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme

Are you planning a wedding shower but would like to make it different from the typical shower? Think about adding a theme of afternoon tea to your plans. It doesn't have to be an elaborate high tea with serious faces everywhere. Have fun with the bride and guests by getting involved and encouraging everyone to be involved. You can also order afternoon tea via FineDiner for your guests. 

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If you would like your guests to arrive in a state of readiness be sure that your invitations state that they are invited to an afternoon tea celebration. Make sure they bring something that will help to brighten the mood, like elegant gloves, hankies, or hats they can use throughout the shower. 

The best way to experience the feel of afternoon tea is to serve it in elegant teapots. Be careful to ensure they aren't broken. You'll also require elegant cups and saucers for tea to make sure everyone drinks with their fingers flying in the air! It's fun to make into a shower game!

It is also possible to make teapots into vessels and fill them up with flowers. These are great centerpieces, seated on a handkerchief, or embroidered cloth.

A bridal shower for afternoon tea isn't complete without obviously, tea. Don't be confined to serving tea only. It is possible to serve tea, coffee, or punch too and keep with spirits by offering all beverages with teacups.

If you have plenty of space, put up tables that are small with chairs of four or five at each table to create an ambiance of smaller gatherings that are going on simultaneously. If tea is your main drink, you can place one pot at each table and let guests serve themselves.