Child-Resistant Packaging for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

The major oral solid medicines are sold in blister and strips packaging, which are packaged in a carton box. Children, who managed to open a box like that, while unsupervised, are in great danger of being poisoned by swallowing the contents. High barrier child resistant packaging usually requires a special trick to open it. 

The aim is to design and validate the performance of an innovative child-resistant packaging system with unique features. The materials used are plastic grade, click-lock system, and blister packs. A test was conducted on test panels of 100 healthy children between 42 and 51 months where they were asked to open a pack. 

Every panel was divided into 3 groups, namely. 30 children from 42-44 months, 40 children 45-48 months, and 30 children 49-51 months. 100 healthy adult panels were divided into 3 groups, namely. 25 adults 18-40 years, 25 adults 40-59 years, and 50 adults 60-70 years. The results showed only 6% of children managed to open child-resistant packaging, while 94% failed to open CRP in 5 minutes.

In the case of adults, 96% managed to open CRP without imposing difficulties. There is a development of CRP prototypes, which can be used for packaging pharmaceutical products. CRP deprived children to have access to medicated packaging system, which resulted in devoid of any poisonous effect to the children.

Baby Gift Boxes A Collection Of Gifts Is Better Than Individual Items

Babies are a gift from God. They not only look like angels but also to their parents they are also angels. No matter what mood you are in, the smile on your baby's face will also make you smile even more.

It is very difficult to find a suitable gift for such an angel figure. Baby gift sets are available in the market which can be given to babies for regular use. Additionally, there are several choices of baby souvenirs for gift buyers to consider. You can also look for a baby gift box via

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Baby gift sets are a collection of useful items that babies can use when needed. Even though they give their everything for the baby to use, gift buyers try to collect several items that parents often ask for and present the same to them.

Only this collection serves as the best gift for people. Whether it's a boy or a little girl recipient, the gift market has plenty of baby gift sets to please little angels.

Baby gift sets – for boys

When choosing any gift, whether it is a baby gift set or an individual gift item, the first thing to consider is the gender of the baby. Before determining a newborn, infant, or toddler, categorize babies first.

Baby gift sets – for girls

Choosing a gift set for girls is not an easy task. From the cheapest to the most expensive, there are various kinds of souvenirs for girls.